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WinterTide is an unofficial zine project that is inspired by the
2022 popularity poll artwork by Horikoshi.
This project is for-profit, SFW, and gen.



Head Mod || Formatting
co-graphics mod

maddy likes the cold, so long as she can stay inside bundled up in blankets. she doesn't mind subjecting her fav bnha characters to the weather, though!


Wintertide (2023) — Head • Formatting
Boku no Calendar (2023) — Graphics • Socials
BIAZ (2023) — Head • Formatting
For Infinity (22-23) — Head • Graphics • Art
Staycation (2022) — Head • Formatting
Luka Couffaine Zine (21-22) — Formatting


Art Mod
co-graphics mod

aijou loves to eat ice cream in the snow! she also loves to ski ⛷ but regrets that she lives in a tropical country ;;


Wintertide (2023) — Art • Co-Graphics
Boku no Calendar (2023) — Art • Layout
Pochita's Goodies (2023) — Co-Art • Graphics • Socials
BIAZ (2023) — Art • Organization
The Adv. of Tony Tony Chopper (22-23) — Art • Org
Order Up! (22-23) — Graphics
DEKU Zine (22-23) — Graphics • Socials
Staycation (2022) — Art • Organization
Creatio (21-22) — Head • Graphics • Art • Socials


Social Media
Writing Mod

snow is home for fay, especially as she is routinely buried in it. nothing warms her up better than a little projecting on her blorbos (but comfy hoodies and warm cups of tea definitely help!)


Let's Start a RIOT (23-24) — Writing / Beta Mod
Wintertide (2023) — Socials • Writing
Boku no Calendar (2023) — Organization
DR BDay (22-23) — Socials
Staycation (2022) — Discord Mod


co-graphics mod

Atlass loves to roll in the
snow but does not enjoy
perishing on ice.
cuddling up with cats and a blanket and hot tea is the best way to spend time uwu


Let's Start a RIOT (23-24) — Head • Org • FPS • GFX • Layout • Socials
Wintertide (2023) — Finance • Prod • Shipping • Graphics
Boku no Calendar (2023) — Finance • Prod • Shipping
BIAZ (2023) — Shipping Mod
TSUKUYOMI (22-23) — Head • FPS • GFX • Layout • Socials
The Kakashi Zine (2022) — Layout • Art
RE//DUX (22-23) — Head • Layout • Art
Vaporise (2022) — Art Mod
MHH Dragon Smash! (2022) — Merch
IidaTenBros (22-23) — Head • Socials • GFX • Layout • FPS



FEBRUARY 23, 2023


March 1 – 31


April 15


May 15


May 25

Pitches Due

June 5

Pitches Confirmed

June 10


July 15


August 26


October 7


November 15

Hard Deadline [No Extensions]

November 30


June 22 , 2024


July 27, 2024


JULY 28, 2024

Production times may vary depending upon
number of orders and manufacturer's schedules.
We will keep you updated on our front page
& on our socials!





Writing, Page, and Merch applicants must be age 18 or older at the time of applying.To apply:
Please create a folder for your portfolio in Google Drive
with your chosen credit name in the Drive folder's name.
Be sure the permissions are set to be viewed by anyone with the link.Please use Google Drive folders for the sake of organization.
Other types of portfolios (personal websites, carrds, deviantART, instagram, etc)
will NOT be accepted for your main portfolio.
Please submit only SFW examples in your portfolio -
blood / violence is okay, similar to canon-level.
Please do not include gore or sexual content.
Shipping is okay for the portfolio, but will not be included in the zine.
OCs are also welcome in your portfolio.

At least one work sample must be BNHA.

Our applications will have a section for pitches. If you have ideas already,
we'd love to hear them! Pitches are not required for applying.
Contributors will fill in a pitch form after joining the Discord server.
Writers will be expected to write at least one fanfic.
Page artists will be expected to create at least one page of artwork.
Merch artists will be responsible for at minimum one piece of merchandise.
You may apply for multiple positions –
however, applicants will only be chosen for one role.



  • Please submit 2-3 samples that best demonstrate your style of writing.

  • At least one sample MUST be BNHA.

  • All pieces should be SFW (canon-level violence/blood allowed).

  • Each sample should be 1,000-3,000 words. All 3 samples combined should not exceed 7k words.

  • We will be judging samples based on characterization, grammar, punctuation, flow, and plot.

  • All samples must be 100% written by you. Previous zine works are allowed. If the zine isn't released yet, please ensure you have permission from your mods to share! We will not be sharing any applicants' links outside of the WinterTide Mod Team.



  • Please submit 3-6 samples of finished work that best represent your style & ability.

  • Please include AT LEAST (1) BNHA sample. All samples must be SFW (canon-level violence/blood allowed).

  • We will judge pieces based on composition, color and/or value, understanding of form & depth, and anatomy.

  • Backgrounds are required, whether they are simple & decorative or environmental. At least one piece in your portfolio must have a detailed background.

  • If you would like to be considered for making a comic for the zine, please include AT LEAST one example of previous comic work, so we can judge how well you carry a plot, readability, style, and the layout of panels.

  • Both digital and traditional works are acceptable - however, traditional work must be scanned in high quality.



  • Please submit 3-6 samples of finished work that best represent your style & ability. A "set" can count as one piece (for example, if you have Iida, Deku, and Uraraka together in a sticker set - you can count that as 1 of your 3-6).

  • We will judge pieces based on composition, color and/or value, understanding of form & depth, and rendering.

  • We will consider more unique items during pitches, but if you have the desire to create a certain type of merchandise for the zine (enamel pins, acrylic charms, stickers, etc), it is encouraged to show work examples of those types of merch.

  • All examples do not need to be merch "items." Full illustrations/prints are encouraged.

  • Both digital and traditional works are acceptable - however, traditional work must be scanned in high quality.


What is the "Winter AU"?

Our project is inspired entirely by the 2021 popularity poll artwork by Horikoshi himself! (seen below)The zine's works will take place in a wintery fantasyland. There are no quirks, but magic instead (based off the characters' quirks, of course!) They have their animal counterparts just like in the artwork - how they relate to their animals is up to you! Are they daemons (like in His Dark Materials), are they animal familiars (like Aang and Appa from ATLA!), or are they simply pets?

Do I have to draw animals?

If you do not want to or aren't comfortable drawing animals, you do not have to include them! Zine merch and artwork can include just the humans if you wish.

Can my portfolio have ship art/writing in it?

Of course! Use your best works, shipping or not. It is only the zine pieces themselves that have to be gen.

How do I make a google drive folder?

You can find Google Drive tutorials Here

Is this zine for charity or for profit?

This project will be for profit. Funds will first be used to fulfill all orders and cover full bundles for each contributor as compensation. Any leftover funds after that will be split evenly among the contributors.

How many page artists / merch artists / writers will you be accepting?

This will depend upon interest check results! We need to keep the project manageable from both a modding and financial standpoint. An estimate may be made once IC closes, but exact numbers will not be decided until the time of application judging.

Will you be opening moderator applications?

Nope! Our Mod Team is complete <3

Will you email applicants regardless of acceptance?

Everyone will get an email response to the email address provided in their application, regardless of whether they are accepted as a contributor, accepted as a pinch hitter, or rejected from the project.

How will we submit files for check-ins and final submission?

Check-ins will be done by sharing Google Drive folder links in a google form, which will be provided to contributors at the beginning of each check-in. Please include your credit name in the file names & ensure share settings are set to “view by anyone with the link!”
Please put your name on your files :)
Please :')

Can you ship the zine and merch internationally?

Yep! Our only shipping restrictions will be to country-specific postal closings.

Will there be leftover sales?

Once shipping is complete and we are positive all customers and contributors have received their goodies, we will open a store to sell remaining stock! There is no promises on what will be remaining but we will be able to have at least some. Keep an eye on socials for any announcements related to the timing of leftovers - it depends wholly on production & shipping times.

What type of merch will there be?

This will be determined by the interest check results, contributors' pitches, and the mod team. We will aim to have a balance of 3D (or hard) merch, like acrylic charms, washi tape, or pins; and paper merch, like die cut stickers, sticker sheets, and prints.


Feel free to send a message via our socials!
Our DMs are always open.

Want to send an email?
Use the form below or send an email to
[email protected]


Based on the 2022 Popularity Poll art by Horikoshi